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Sell your business.

Investment Properties

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What we do

We are licensed brokers and trusted advisors to our clients for some of the most important transactions in their lives. Whether you are buying or selling high-end residential real estate, commercial real estate, businesses, or investment properties, we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen for you.

35+ Years of Experience

How we are different

Business Sellers

We have started, built and sold multiple businesses from scratch and have helped many other entrepreneurs do the same. We know how to exit them right!

Home Buyers

We have purchased, built, and sold many homes and have helped many other buyers and sellers do the same. We rebate half the commission to clients.

Real Estate Investors

We have invested in numerous properties, for rentals and for flipping. We know how to buy them right, improve them right, and sell them right!

Managing Broker

Michael O’Donnell, startup mentor, business broker, and top-rated real estate professional.

Step-by-Step Guide

The most comprehensive book ever written on how to sell a small business, step-by-step, guaranteed! 

There are numerous books and articles on selling a small business. None of them provide a blueprint. None of them provide a road map and connect all the dots in a logical sequence. This is not just a book, it’s a blueprint for selling a business. Dozens of five star reviews. 

"Mike has helped me purchase and sell several houses. He is Great to work with. Knowledgable and Professional. He has helped me negotiate Investment purchases as well as several homes I have lived in. Even though he is very busy he manages to respond to my inquiries and questions very quickly. Mike, Thank you for helping me evaluate all the information which allowed me to make smart home buying decisions and to make some money on my investment purchases as well."
Patricia N
RE Investor