Sell by Owner

I want the tools and guidance to price, market and sell my own business.

Sell by Broker

I want to retain a broker to price, market and sell my business.

Experts in Small business sales

What we do

We are experts in valuation enhancement and exit planning. We get our clients ready to sell. Getting a good deal starts with good preparation. Then the hard work begins — getting qualified and motivated buyers to the table. Once an offer is accepted, the really hard work begins — due diligence, contract negotiations and closing. 

Whether you want to sell your own business, or retain us as your broker, we’ll help you get the deal done!   

35+ Years of Experience

How we are different

Business Owners

We have started, built and sold our own businesses from scratch and fully understand the entrepreneur's perspective.

Business Buyers

We have acquired multiple businesses over our long careers and fully understand the buyer's perspective.

Business Investors

We have managed a VC fund and work with corporate buyers and private equity firms. We fully understand their perspective.

Your Personal Advisor

Michael O’Donnell, SellBiz Managing Director. Serial entrepreneur, business owner, VC, angel investor, and all-around top notch professional.

Step-by-Step Guide

The most comprehensive book ever written on how to sell a business, step-by-step, guaranteed! 

There are numerous books and articles on selling a small business. None of them provide a blueprint. None of them provide a road map and connect all the dots in a logical sequence. This is not just a book, it’s a blueprint for selling a business.