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We are licensed business brokers and experts in lower middle-market mergers and acquisitions. We have started, built, and sold our own companies, as well as assisted many other small business owners to do the same. In fact, we teach courses on exit planning and wrote the definitive book on how to successfully sell a small business! 

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Services and Capabilities

  • Confidential Listing on Multiple Platforms
  • Valuation Assessment and Improvements
  • Selling Preparation
  • Teaser and Selling Memorandum
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Buyer Prospecting
  • Offers and Counteroffers
  • Deal Structure (including seller financing and earn outs)
  • Due Diligence Management
  • Transaction and Closing Management
  • Transition Management


These are recent assignments (several still in progress):

Mobile Application for Personal Safety and Emergencies.

Represented the seller. Wrote the selling memorandum and reached out to more than 50 prospective buyers. Sold to one of those prospects in less than 6 months. Coordinated due diligence and closing. 

Revenue Management Software as a Service (SaaS) for the Hospitality Industry

Represented the seller. Wrote the selling memorandum and reached out to more than 100 buyer prospects. Deal is progress. 

IT Company, Cloud Services

Represented the seller. Highly complex effort with multiple international offices and numerous top-tier high tech customers. Three-year consulting assignment resulted in multiple offers and client withdrawing the sale, opting instead to raise expansion capital and hire more employees to fuel growth, 

Sonar Fish-Finding Bobber and Mobile Application

Represented the seller. Wrote the selling memorandum and contacted more than 100 buyer prospects in the recreational fishing industry. Lots of interest but no acceptable offers. Ongoing effort. 

Many Other Assignments Over the Years:

Ecommerce Business for Home Decor

Represented the seller.

Mobile Application for Building Websites

Represented the seller.

PBX Tecom Service and Text Messaging App

Represented the seller.

High End Hair Salon and Personal Care Services

Represented the seller.

Family Pet Store and Dog Grooming Services

Represented the Seller.

Convenience Store in High Traffic Location

Represented the Seller.

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