You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

  • Is your business saleable?

  • Who is likely to be interested in buying it?

  • How should you price it?

  • Sell yourself or retain a broker?

iREV is an acronym for improve Revenue, Earnings and Valuation. It’s a proprietary program to help our clients plan for a successful exit and to fetch a higher price when they do decide to sell. It assesses a business on seven dimensions of excellence and recommends improvements that will help boost valuation:

  1. Product Excellence
  2. Market Excellence
  3. Customer Excellence
  4. Team Excellence
  5. Operations Excellence
  6. Financial Excellence
  7. Legal and Regulatory Excellence

Free Saleability Assessment

This assessment scores your general readiness to sell your business and indicates whether you should price your business on the high, mid, or low end of the valuation range.

Every business is unique. This assessment provides a baseline probability for a successful sale. The attributes assessed here are the ones most buyers will use to determine whether or not to pursue the acquisition of your business – and what price to offer.

A free consultation with an advisor can be scheduled to discuss your results.

NOTE: At the end of the assessment you have the option of including your name and email, but it is NOT required to see your results.