Get your business valued and price it to sell. Course on Business Valuation:

Learn how to prepare your own valuation, complete with excel spreadsheet templates. Also, check out our a’ la carte valuation service.


BizBuySell Business Valuation Report:

A quick, relatively inexpensive resource for small businesses.


Value Source:

Value Source offers a variety of tools, including an online valuation system designed for business owners,


Business Valuation Resources:

BVR provides online valuation database and DealStats on both private and public companies.



BizEquity provides valuations based on 143 data points.


Business Reference Guide (BRG):

BRG provides a book and online service that shows industry averages for small business sales. It’s one of the most commonly used resources among business brokers.


Boost Your Company’s Valuation

There are two proven ways to get more for your business®.

The first is to make certain fixes and improvements before listing your business for sale. To help you do that, we created iREV — an exit planning system guaranteed to boost your valuation. Start here with the Sellability Assessment. It’s free and completely anonymous.

The second is to get multiple bidders to the table. There is an art and a science to doing this. It starts with a well-written Blind Teaser and Selling Memorandum. You can write these docs yourself or get help from a pro. It ends with target Buyer Prospecting and Outreach. Just a little planning and preparation can boost your valuation by 30%-50%.


Get More For Your Business®