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Retain us to price, market and sell your business. We have a crystal ball when it comes to getting deals done. We specialize in selling businesses between $2M and $25M with at least 3-years of revenue and earnings.


We have access to the comps and multiples for businesses like yours. We'll consider the goodwill you have created, your financials, intellectual property, and other factors that may increase the value of your business, to arrive at the optimum selling price.


This is where the hard work gets done. It involves writing a good teaser, writing a thorough selling memorandum, and listing your business on the BLS. Most importantly, it involves reaching out directly to a very targeted list of buyers and pitching them on your unique opportunity.


We strive to get multiple buyers to the table so you can entertain multiple offers. Once you accept an offer, the really hard work starts -- due diligence and purchase agreement negotiation. It ends with a successful closing and dinner to celebrate.

“Mike O’Donnell is a master of his craft. His depth and breadth of knowledge for starting, scaling and selling businesses is unequaled in my experience. Working with him daily continued to show that Mike is flexible, knowledgeable, and broad based. His work ethic is at the top of the scale … never stopping until the job is done … and then implements continuous process improvement. A great attribute is the calm and steady way that he approaches any task.”
Jack Moss
Former Business Owner, County Commissioner and Senior Executive
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our retainer is typically 1% of the listing price and helps to defer our upfront expenses to price and market your business. The retainer is applied and refunded against our success fee upon sale of your company. 

Like most brokers, our success fee is based on the Double Lehman formula:

10% of the first $1 million, plus
9% of the second $1 million, plus
8% of the third $1 million, plus
7% of the fourth $1 million, plus
6% of the fifth $1 million, plus
5% of the sixth $1 million, plus
4% of the seventh $1 million, plus
3% of everything above $8 million.

Our engagements are ‘exclusive right of sale’ for 12 months, with a 12-month “tail” if you accept an offer from a buyer we surfaced after the agreement expires. 

Most businesses take 10-12 months to sell.

We use a proven process perfected over many years of experience. You can download the description below. 

Mike O'Donnell

Managing Partner