Selling a Business Blueprint

“If you own a business, even a small family business, Selling a Business Blueprint: Step-by-Step Guide with Forms and Agreements is your friend. Michael O’Donnell has done the footwork for you and answers questions you don’t even know you need to ask. I love how the author makes his forms available for digital editing and usability.

The great thing about Selling a Business Blueprint is not only the advice and expertise of Michael O’Donnell, but also you will know how to set up the structure of your business so it can be easily sold. Building businesses for the purpose of selling is becoming more popular and desired. Being prepared to sell is key to getting the right buyer at top dollar. This book prepares you, and I highly recommend this book to anyone starting, selling, or buying a business.”

 ~Jo Jo Maxson

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Everything you need to price, package, market, and sell a small business. Includes editable forms and agreements needed for most transactions. 80% of small businesses listed for sale each year fail to sell because they don’t have the blueprint! If you can’t sell your business after reading and applying the lessons in this book, it’s probably not salable. Reach out to us if you need guidance or assistance!

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